From Tragic to Magic: Same Day Crown Technology to the Rescue

From Tragic to Magic: Same Day Crown Technology to the Rescue

A long-time patient recently came into our office an emergency basis.  She was eating, heard a crunch, and then felt half of her tooth was gone… her lower front tooth! 

Using CEREC technology we were able take her broken lower front tooth and restore it with an all-porcelain crown that is the exact same shape, color, and fit as the original!  

Fortunately, she had managed to save the broken piece of her front tooth.  The piece was placed back on the broken tooth, a picture was taken using the CEREC machine.  Next, the tooth was prepped and a digital CEREC impression was taken. 

The new crown was designed using the patient’s original tooth as a template, color was matched, and the crown was milled, stained to match, and fired in our CEREC oven.  

The final result speaks for itself!  In a matter of two hours the patient went from overwhelmed to overjoyed, with a new all-porcelain crown that is identical to the original tooth in every way!  This is just example of how our CEREC technology is changing our patients expectations, dental health, and lives on a daily basis. 

William Britton Jr, DDS

William Britton Jr. DDS Dr. Britton is a graduate of USC Ostrow School of Dentistry. 9292 Mira Mesa Boulevard, San Diego, California 92126 (858) 566-4200