About Our Dental Practice

We’re passionate about helping our patients enhance their dental health. At our office, you’ll always receive the highest quality dental care, the latest technology and amazing customer service. We try our best to make sure we address all of your dental needs in one single appointment. From standard checkups to periodontal treatment, cosmetic, restorative and more, we love to do it all.

Why Choose Us as your Dentist

Passionate about dentistry, Dr. Britton graduated at the top of his class

We offer high quality dental care and won’t nickel and dime you

A lot of our services can be done in one single visit, as opposed to 2-3

We use the most advanced technology to offer you the best care

We have many ways to make sure you aren’t in pain during your visit

Our patient gallery is full of happy and beautiful smiles

We offer a five year warranty on our dental crowns!

We Offer More.

For about the same price or less, you’ll receive a higher quality of care, high-quality materials, the latest technology, superior customer service, and local Mira Mesa culture.

Affordable pricing.

The same price, Or less.

If you’re like everyone else on the planet, you want the best service for the best price. For just about the same price as most other local dentists, you’ll receive better materials, technology, and service.

The Latest Technology.

Modern dentistry.

Why wouldn’t you want the latest, best, and most convenient service? For example, we use what is essentially a 3D printer to print crowns that are put in the very same-day.

Pain Management.

Chances are, you won’t feel a thing.

Many people don’t go to the dentist like they should because they are afraid of pain or discomfort. But pain management has come a long way. We doubt you will feel much of anything. We have multiple ways to eliminate pair from dental work, from comfortable chairs, to pain medication, to having an understanding dentist.

Save Time.

Dental Crown in 1-Appointment

Get many services done in a single visit.

What takes 2-3 visits at older dental practices takes a single visit here.  We’ve invested in technologies that give you better work at about the same price – so you spend less time in the chair, taking time of work, and driving to and from the dentist.

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