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When a tooth is extracted, the resulting area suffers bone loss in height and width causing a deformity in the jaw bone. This makes future treatment of the area more difficult and sometimes impossible without additional surgery. Placing bone graft material at the time of extraction reduces this bone loss and provides improved treatment of area whether placing an implant, bridge, or partial.  For the bone graft to be most effective, it is necessary to place the graft at the time of extraction.

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Guided surgery, predictable results, every time.

Using the latest in x-ray technology, a 3D x-ray can be taken of the area of implant placement.  The implant placement location is determined using a sophisticated computer system and a guide is generated that directs the implant placement down to the millimeter.  This system, ensures the most accurate placement, least invasive procedure possible.  You wouldn’t drive without directions, why would you place an implant without them?

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High quality, lasting results.

We use one of the most researched, widely used, and clinically successful implant systems in our practice.  This ensures our patients the highest chances of success and long-term availability of parts over the lifetime of the implants.

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