Restorative Dentistry

Same Day Crowns

Watch this video to find out how this technology works.

Dental Crown in 1-Appointment

Get many services done in a single visit.

What takes 2-3 visits at older dental practices takes a single visit here.  We’ve invested in technologies that give you better work at about the same price – so you spend less time in the chair, taking time of work, and driving to and from the dentist.

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Walk out with a beautiful, permanent crown.

Remember the old way of doing crowns?  Multiple visits, bulky slimy molds, temporaries that came off and imperfect fits? You can have a beautiful, perfect fitting, permanent crowns in a single visit.  

We can take a 3D image of your teeth in a few seconds, then mill a permanent crown that is ready in about an hour.

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How It Works

Same-day crowns save you time, are more convenient, and fit better.

A 3D model of your teeth in seconds.
No more uncomfortable, messy, molds.

The old way of doing crowns involved those nasty, slimy molds that make about everyone gag.  In just a few seconds, we can take a perfect 3D model of your teeth using a small simple camera.

Easier, faster and more comfortable for everyone!  Dentistry, the way it should be.

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Watch your tooth get “Printed”

Your crown can be made exactly the same – or better than it was before!

Dr. Britton can make an exact replica or your tooth’s shape, or modify it to give you an even better bite.

A 3D model of your tooth is sent to our CEREC machine, which accurately mills your tooth.  Many people think of it as a 3D printer.

The tooth is baked and hardened and cemented.
The total treatment time is about 2 hours.

The newly-milled tooth is baked in a special machine, with colors that mimick your natural teeth, and any final adjustments can be made.
The entire process takes about two hours from start to finish

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A filling is a filling right?
Maybe not.

Not all fillings are created equal.  Fillings consist of two basic parts; the resin which is liquid in form and makes the filling moldable, and the filler particles which give the material its strength and wear characteristics.  Depending on the location of the filling and the color characteristics of the tooth, the right material must be used for the best results.  We carefully select the appropriate, color, and filler particle size for each application to ensure you the best, strongest result possible.

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Quality materials, life-like results, better training.

We use high-quality materials with proven clinical results to provide beautiful restorations that last.  These materials, combined with advanced training in biomimetic dentistry (link to biomimetic dentistry/pascal mange) allow us to provide life-like results that shine.

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