Root Canal Therapy

Teeth Infection & Root Canal Treatments

What is a root canal?
Do they take the root out?

Root canal therapy is one of the most commonly misunderstood procedures that dentists perform. The procedure involves removing the tissue inside the tooth root, cleaning and shaping the internal of the tooth, and sealing the tooth interior with a bacteria inhibiting substance so the infection cannot return.  Don’t worry, we don’t take the root out, and the procedure is done under local anesthetic so you are comfortable.

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It used to hurt, now it doesn’t.
Do I still need to fix it ?

Not all teeth that need root canals are painful.  Sometimes the tooth can become infected slowly, resulting in a painless infection.  These teeth can cause pain and swelling at unpredictable times such as during an airplane flight or when the body’s immune system is reduced.  Treating these teeth and resolving the infection is the only way to ensure the infection does not spread to neighboring teeth or airways.

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