Payment Options

We Accept most major Dental Insurance Plans, as well as Cash and Credit Card payments.

Financial Policy and Insurance Billing

Our office runs a modern paperless system. We accept most traditional insurance plans, as long as you are not required to go to a specific dentist listed in a group given to you by your employer. We do not accept DMO insurance, and we are not listed on the network group lists. Please check your insurance, and we will try to check it with our resources as well. There are thousands of insurance companies, and various coverage plans within each of these companies. So please understand that we do not automatically know what your insurance will do for you. Your insurance is a contract between you and your insurance company.

A patient’s estimated portion of treatment is due and payable at the time of treatment. We accept cash, checks, Mastercard, VISA, and Discover. Should you have a treatment plan where you are able to pay in advance of your treatment, you may qualify for a pre-payment discount if you pay with cash or check. We require payment regardless of insurance coverage, and we would not diagnose your dental needs based on insurance coverage. It is a good idea for you to be very familiar with your coverage and maximum per year, so that you are able to make decisions that will maximize your benefits whenever possible.

As a courtesy to our patients, there is no charge for the initial filing of insurance claims. If there is still pending insurance after 90 days, we ask that patients contact their insurance company and clear the outstanding insurance balance with our office. Please advise us as soon as you know of a change in your insurance. It helps us to bill the proper company the first time, so there is no delay in processing of your claims. We want to keep costs down by sending fewer statements. You should pay your portion at the front desk on the day of your treatment. Any remaining balance after insurance has paid may be mailed to our office.

Financing Options

Care Credit is a financing option we are able to offer you if your treatment plan is extensive and you are unable to pay your balance in 90 days. It is easy to be approved within about five minutes in the office, or you may complete the process on the phone or online yourself. Care Credit offers low interest payment plans for up to 5 years, but our office can extends a short term interest free plan for dental work that you have completed here. You may also use your Care Credit card for your other physicians, eye doctors, or even veterinarians. This card for health expenses reserves your other credit cards for the household expenses they are meant to handle. Please talk to us about assistance with Care Credit approval if you are interested, or visit

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