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I have known Dr. Bill for many years. He started taking care of my whole family’s teeth a couple years ago. It all started by him meeting my son-who is terrified of the dentist BTW. Dr. Bill spent 20 minutes with my boy talking to him about everything BUT teeth. After that Dr. Bill won my son over and shortly after that he won over the trust of my daughter and the rest of my family. It takes a certain bedside manner to overcome the fears that many people have for the dentist, including myself.

It is an absolute pleasure to give this review and five stars is simply not enough. Thank you Dr. Bill

– Patrick C.

Wife sent me here as I was due a check-up. Dr. Britton was super welcoming and gave me a great examination and articulated very well so I understood what was wrong and what treatment I needed. I then rescheduled for two deep cleans which were done by Saige. She’s super friendly and made sure I was comfortable throughout the 90 minute procedure (times 2). Also the front desk team of Terri and Denise are always polite and welcoming. Overall a nice dental office with a great staff!

– Lance C.

When you walk in, right away you are greeted promptly. Unlike other offices when you have an appointment at 9:30 you don’t actually get seen until almost 10:00, whereas here 9:30 is 9:30!

Every single one of the lovely staff is the extremely professional, careful, cheerful, knowledgeable, and most important of all, non judgmental. You can tell that they are happy to be there.

Dr. Britton himself is absolutely amazing. When you work with Dr. Britton you can tell that he absolutely cares about his clients and his work. His attention to detail really shows because he will tell you exactly what he’s doing to help release your anxiety. Also, it helps that he’s charming and funny too! I don’t think I’ll ever go to another dentist office ever again.

– Thu N.

Let me start off by saying that I’m a young adult, scared of the dentist, and this was my first time picking my own dentist. I was worried because I was going alone for the first time too. I found Dr Britton on Yelp thankfully, and their office is everything I could hope for. Wonderful office which is beautiful, relaxing, and even soothing. Very easy electronic paperwork to fill out. I love that they have a massage chair in the waiting room to calm clients. The hygienist and x Ray technician were so nice and helpful, as were the receptionists. Dr Britton himself is a very nice guy and extremely helpful. Really cares about his patients and lets you know what procedures he thinks would help you the most, without trying to push cosmetic stuff. I had a wonderful experience and I’m actually excited to come back soon! Thank you Dr Britton’s office!

– Becca L.

It’s good to see a young dentist do a good job, because I’m also pretty young myself.

I’m a wimpy guy with tooth pain so I was expecting lots of pain during my 2 root canals that took 2:15 hours. I felt absolutely nothing during both procedures! The only gripe I had was the medicine that was used to clean out the canals, it was pretty gross when some slipped down my throat.

Afterwards I was expecting a $6k bill. With my Delta Dental PPO, it cost less than a fourth of what I thought.

I highly recommend Dr. Britton, especially if you’re scared of pain during dental work.

– Karl B.

I have been coming to Dr. Brittons office for about two years now after my prior dentist retired. I had already heard good things before going, and was immediately impressed by the office ambiance, friendly staff and service. Dr. Britton saw me during my initial visit and was not only professional, but has a great personality which put me at ease immediately that I was in a good spot.

The front desk has been extremely welcoming and helpful with making sure insurance gets handled properly and are always friendly. They have up to date technology with appointment reminders so I do not have to think about it or call in.

Dental hygienists did an extremely thorough job with periodontal and normal teeth cleanings. Way more attention to detail than prior dentists office. Also very friendly. All around would highly recommend this office to my family, friends, and you!.

– Brock A.

I started seeing Dr. Britton several months ago regarding proper alignment of my teeth. I had braces as a child and wasn’t responsible enough to wear my retainers after the braces were removed. I was extremely self conscious of how my teeth were crowded and it made proper cleaning almost inpossible. Upon my first appointment, I received a warm greeting from his office staff, making sure I was comfortable while I filled out the new patient paperwork. It was a short wait before I was in the chair discussing my case with Dr. Britton. He gave me several options before we decided that the complexity of my case would require Invisalign aligners. He explained to me that investing a little more money would give me a more desirable result. If things didn’t go entirely according to the treatment plan I was able to receive additional aligners at no extra charge along with retainers. Dr. Britton’ s passion for dentristy and his extensive knowledge made me feel comfortable and I knew I was receiving the best possible care. Currently I am nearing the end of my treatment plan and I couldn’t be happier with the results! My teeth have shifted with WAY less pain than with braces (shame on me for not wearing my retainers like I was supposed to). My smile is now my favorite attribute when it used to be source of insecurity. I’m extremely grateful that Dr. Britton has taken the time to evaluate my progress several times over the course of treatment and has constantly made me feel like I made a great decision. Thanks Dr. B for my amazing new smile!

– Paige H.

I recommend Dr. Bill to my friends because he does great work and truly makes me feel at ease when I need any grill work done. He’s pretty hilarious and makes coming to the dentist office seem like we’re out having fun on the golf course. Bill is very knowledgeable and helps me understand how I can improve my pearlies through practicing preventative care.

I appreciate Dr. Bill and his whole staff. They are flexible and accommodating, friendly and like to crack jokes. Makes me feel right at home.

– Don L.

Dr. Britton has been great! I chipped my veneer (from a previous dentist) twice, and him and his staff have been awesome at fitting me in last minute, very patient, and kind. Plus he made the bonding fill look perfect! His assistant/hygienist Daisy is also great and always very friendly and helpful.

I would definitely recommend him and his work! 🙂

– Alisha C.

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